App art originated from the desire to find something creative to do in long taxi night shifts. I started to make drawings with my smartphone and tried several drawing and painting apps. Later, a tablet was added. The advantage of this way of drawing is that you can do it in the dark, due to the screens´ background light. By and by various colorful images arose - quite contrary to rather gloomy experiences in a precarious occupational area.

Most of the pictures were created with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, IMHO the best app for drawing and designing on tablets und smart phones.


May/June 2016, Weimar (C.Keller Galerie Markt 21)

August 2015, Weimar (Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt, Rießnerstrasse)


Opening of the exhibition at C-Keller/Galerie Markt 21, Weimar
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